On-Boarding Introduction Email 

Copy and paste the below template is to be used to send to all new staff as an on-boarding email. Note: you may need to copy the image separately and add. 

Good Morning/Afternoon [Insert employee name]


Please find attached your Terms of Employment Agreement with Chess Electrics as a Full Time/Casual [Insert Position].

Please read through your Terms of Employment Agreement and return a signed copied as soon as possible. A signed copy will be required prior to receipt of your first pay. If you have any queries in relation to the Agreement please contact the Office Manager, Chandra Roulston. 


If you haven't already sent through your licences these will need to be provide before your commencement. These can be sent through to office@chesselectrics.com.au 

As a minimum you are required to supply 

  • Current Queensland Trade Licence

  • Current CPR/LVR Certificate (within two years)

  • Standard 11 Statement of Attainment (within 5 years)

  • Coal Board Medical (within 5 years)


Your first shift will commence on [insert date] at [insert location], you will be expected to be on site at [insert time]. Your contact for further information regarding your shifts is [insert name].



You will be supplied Chess Electrics shirts within 4 weeks of commencement. You are required to wear a Long Sleeve High-Vis (preferably orange) shirt in the interim . All technicians are required to wear long blue work pants. No other bottoms are permitted. Steel capped boots are to be worn and provided by employees.  This is a safety requirement


You are expected to bring your tool kit with you to shift. (refer to you induction as to the contents required in a basic tool kit) 


As part of your on-boarding with Chess Electrics you will need to complete the staff induction. You can do this by access the Chess Electrics Intranet, this is also where you will find all our policies, procedures and forms.  Please note this website contains Chess documents and procedures, it also acts as a Staff Notice Board so please remember your login details so that you can access this site on a regular basis. 

To access the intranet go to: www.chesselectricsintranet.com  

You will need to click the orange button to log in











User Name: [insert employees email address]

Password: Washpool05

Once logged in click on New Staff - Induction in the menu and work through the slideshow. Don't forget to complete the training acknowledgement form when you have finished the induction. 

Our finance Officer Deb Biggs will be in touch with you to gain the required payroll information. Deb can be contacted on deb.biggs@chesselectrics.com.au 

Should you have any queries in relation to your commencement with Chess Electrics please don't hesitate to contact me on the below details

[insert signature block]