GRM CMS Procedure 

A Contractor Management System (CMS) is an excel spreadsheet of contractor information that is to be maintained as a live document.


It is completed or update by Chess on a monthly basis or if there is a change in work or staff during the month. This checklist needs to be completed and emailed back to and the BMA Current Contract Owner.

Our BMA Contract Owner within Maintenance is Rob Chapman and Ken Barnes. 

Key points to follow whilst completing the Contractor Management checklist:


  1. The CMS Summary page should be completed first, tick boxes with relevance to your work on site when selected will open further tabs within the checklist. (eg. “SECTION 2 – Work Details”  - unless you tick “Labour” or “Plant and Equipment” where applicable, Section 5 will not show further relevant tick boxes)

  2. The CMS Summary page needs to completed and signed by yourself (Company Representative and Risk Owner) and current BMA Contract Owner.

  3. Please note that within the checklist is an instruction page which should assist with any questions you may have, alternatively contact for further questions.

  4. If bringing on a sub-contractor, their information along with any tools or equipment must be entered in your CMS checklist.

  5. To assist with population of the “Reg – Personnel” Tab of the checklist please complete columns “B” through to “E” and email CMS through to to complete the LMS skills matrix download and return to you.

  6. Any new or additional employees and/or equipment that is brought onto site must be recorded and updated in the CMS Checklist and re-provided to site prior to entry.

  7. CMS Checklist MUST be provided to site on a monthly basis, failure to comply could result in your employee TAMS access to site being turned off for Goonyella Riverside Mine.

**Note this will open in dropbox, click on the ... in the top right corner and select download from the  drop down menu. Save back to

Dropbox (Chess Electrical)\OperationsManagement\Customers\AA_Customer Shared Folders\GRM