GRM Site Risk Register 

The Register is reviewed periodically. The last register was submitted in October 2017.  The Register and CMS are reviewed and signed off at a meeting with a Chess Representative and BMA Current Contract Owner. 

A copy of the current Site Risk Register for GRM can for download in this link, 


Key points to remember before filling in/Updating the Risk Register


  1. Prior to the commencement of work the vendor must populate a Risk Register capturing the risks associated with the activities/services being performed.

  2. The Risk Register is owned by the Contractor, this is your Risk Register not Sites, you need to ensure this is filled out for your company and works associated onsite.

  3. The risk review will take place annually unless your scope of work changes onsite, where you will need to review and update your risk register and risk assessment and will need to be signed off by your Current Contract Owner.


Instructions in filling the HSE Site Risk Register:


Open the Risk Register Template attached, you will find drop down boxes against each headings.  Click on the drop down box under “Risk Issue”, there will be a list of various risks.  Run through this list to work out which will apply and delete what is not applicable:


Based on what was selected in previous step, the second step will be to click on the drop down box under “Risk Event”.  For Example, if you selected “Noise” as one of the risk Issues, you would then click on the drop down box under “Risk Event”, this will bring up the potential risks that you as the vendor could be exposed to.  If both of these items would apply in the example below you would leave these in, or alternatively delete what is not applicable. 















The same process is then repeated for the second worksheet labelled “Environment Risk Register”.